What is a house cleansing?

A house cleansing or clearing is the process of removing negative spirits that has been collected over the years in the home or business. This is essential for protecting your home from spiritual attacks. Keep in mind, not all spiritual activity is always negative.  

What is a house blessing?

House blessings are when someone uses faith to bless the home. This can be with any faith or religion or whatever feels most comfortable to you. The blessing takes place after a house clearing/cleansing. Shawn and Cody our very big on using intent to clear and bless homes. Intent is a powerful tool you can use to fight negative spiritual attacks.

The New Reality is knowledgeable in various religions and, practices to support what best fits your needs. Typically, they use "smudging" or saging which is a Native American tradition of lighting herbs and using the smoke to spiritually clear negative energies from your home or business.

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