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Cody is an intuitive empath and Reiki practitioner and has the gift of claircognizance or extrasensory perception. He has an inner knowing and can feel when things are about to happen. He can sense energies in locations and determine the intention and location of spirit. Cody has been in the paranormal field for over 10 years now and has experienced things from doors slamming to disembodied voices, confronting negative energies, blessing homes and even full body apparitions.


Shawn is a gifted medium and psychic, who can communicate with spirits that may still be present in your environment.  He can communicate and provide information to clients and counsel families in need and provide direction to spirit.  Depending upon what the client wants, he can clear the location of all spiritual activity, counsel families and spirit on how to co-exist in the environment or investigate to provide answers on what the paranormal occurrences are.  Depending upon what is in the house, he may clear the house from lingering spirits.  

Together as a team, Shawn and Cody, can capture different phenomenon as well as communicate using specialized paranormal equipment and using their abilities together as one. Both Shawn and Cody have experiences with communicating with spirits and different entities. The New Reality has expertise in working with clients to identify, address, and resolve paranormal and supernatural activity. We specialize in a variety of customized services, and together they have 21 years of experience in the paranormal field.

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